Kampala Visit

Package A- $69 (maximum 3pax-exclusive of entrance fees and meals)

Gadaffi Mosque
Buganda Palace
Buganda Parliament
Kabaka’s Lake
Namirembe Cathedral
Rubaga Cathedral


Summary of The Day

This particular package has been setup to consider the geographical locations of each landmarkto ensure that our clients can take their time  to soak in each site while spending  as little time as possible transitioning to the next.

Gadaffi mosque is situated at Kampala Hill in the Old Kampala area of Kampala, Uganda. Completed in 2006, it seats up to 15,000 worshippers and can hold another 1,100 in the gallery, while the terrace will cater for another 3,500. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya built the mosque as a gift to Uganda, and for the benefit of the Muslim population. The mosque has a minaret which is open for viewing by the general public & has a staircase of three hundred and four stairs completely built from reinforced concrete and the view of Kampala City on top of this minaret is breath taking. It is a favored spot by professional photographers and tourists who want to get a scenic view of Kampala City.

We will then head over to the Buganda Palace which can be described as the center of administration of the Kingdom of Buganda. Positioned on the hill of Mengo overlooking Bulange-the parliament of Buganda, Kabaka’s palace is a historic place that is worthy of visiting on Uganda safari. It is a vast land scape with magnificent building and other historic structures with in its environs such as Amin’s torture chambers. The Amin’s torture chambers were the slaughtering ground for the then dictator Idi Amin who ruled Uganda from 1971 to 1979. There is a lot of history attached to the palace that will make your encounter memorable.

The tour will continue to Bulange, the parliament of Buganda which is just adjacent to the Kabaka’s Palace. You will also get a chance to see the long drum (engalabi) sculpture which is the passage way that the Kabaka (king) uses when he is heading to the parliament or the palace.

Then we’ll visit the Kabaka’s Lake (Kayanja Ka Kabaka), the largest man-made lake here, dug up on orders of the tyrant Ssekabaka Mwanga (also a former King), who needed it as an escape route besides being a place for water sport just adjacent to his kingdom headquarters – Mengo.
After visiting here we’ll head to Namirembe Hill, the site of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the main place of worship of the Anglican Church in Uganda. The Anglican Faith is the religion most closely associated with the Buganda Monarchy since the end of the religious wars of the 1890s.
Next, we’ll travel to Lubaga Hill, the original home to the main palace of Kabaka Muteesa I who ruled Buganda between 1856 and 1884. The palace was struck by lightning and was rebuilt on neighboring Mengo Hill. The first Roman Catholic missionaries to arrive in Buganda were Frenchmen, Father Pierre Lourdel Monpel and Brother Amans, who settled near the hill in 1879, and established St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Today, Lubaga remains the seat of the headquarters of the Catholic Church in Uganda and the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala. The remains of the first African Catholic bishop in Uganda, Bishop Joseph Nakabaale Kiwanuka and those of the first African Catholic Cardinal, Cardinal Emmanuel Kiwanuka Nsubuga are kept in the Catholic Mission on the hill.