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Jinja Tour

Package D-$200 (maximum 3pax-exclusive of entrance fees and meals)

Sezibwa Falls
Mabira Forest
Source of the Nile
Other activities you can arrange include

White water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, horse riding**

Summary of The Day

Along the way we’ll stop at the Sezibwa Falls.This is a cultural heritage site of the Buganda Kingdom that is rich with traditional folklore as shall be narrated by the site guide! Other than the cultural aspect, the falls are spectacularly beautiful & are a wonderful place for a nature walk, picnics, a limited hike to the top of the falls. There are plenty of birds and some wildlife such as monkeys that may be sighted in the nearby forest. . On arrival we shall be met by a resident tour guide who will lead us through the areas explaining the different sites and legends surrounding the falls and the river.

Sezibwa river is believed to have been born by a woman named Nakkungu Tebatuusa whose husband was Nsubuga Sebwaatowho while on her way to Kavuma Bukunja. The woman is believed to have given birth to twins in form of water i.e. Sezibwa and Bwanda according to the traditional legend.  The name Sezibwa is derived from a Luganda phrase “sizibwa Kkubo” which translates into “my path can never be blocked” and this the locals say is because its flow could not be stopped even with different obstacles it encountered along its path. The rivers flows down a set of rocks creating beautiful water falls especially during the rainy season.
After Sezibwa Falls we’ll take a nature walk through the Mabira Forest. Mabira Forest is the largest natural forest in Central Uganda that extends several miles along the Kampala – Jinja highway. Sign up at the Mabira Forest Eco Site and take to the forest trails to explore this incredibly rich jungle. Look out for several monkeys, birds, butterflies, small mammals such as squirrels, and get to learn about the different species of trees. A group of Grey-cheeked Mangabeys has been habituated in this forest for which you stand a chance of encountering, however you will not be out to track them as this is different activity all together.

From here we’ll travel past Owen Falls Dam and then proceed to Jinja for lunch. We’ll have lunch at the sunset hotel which offers two menus, the Ala carte and the buffet. Apart from their delicious meals, the sunset hotel possesses one of the best views of the source of the Nile with both the railway and car bridge in view over the sparkling water.

To end the day, we’ll take a cruise on the Nile all the way to its source and see the Speke monument where John Speke stood when he discover the source of the longest river in the world. Take a boat ride from the shores of the Nile to the exact spot where the Nile waters start their 4000 mile journey to the Mediterranean Sea traversing various countries along the way. The boat rides take between thirty minutes and two hours depending on the available time. The local site guides will tell stories of the ‘source of the Nile’ as believed by the locals as you enjoy the ride further into Lake Victoria, enjoying the beautiful countryside. For the keen birder, there are plenty of water birds including Cormorants, Egrets, Fish Eagles, Pelicans, etc. We will drive through Jinja town to pick up some crafts before leaving to head for Kampala as the last activity

Jinja is also known as ‘the adventure capital of East Africa’ because of the many adventure activities carried out on the Nile and along the Nile which include water rafting, kayaking, jet boating, bungee jumping, squad biking and horse riding along the Nile. You are free to stay longer and enjoy these many activities or arrange to return for the same.