Entebbe Visit


Package C-$120 (maximum 3pax-exclusive of entrance fees and meals)
Entebbe Zoo
Entebbe Botanical Gardens
Uganda Reptile Village

Summary of The Day
This tour begins at Uganda Wildlife Preserve- The Zoo ,where you will see most of the animal and bird species resident in Uganda gazetted in a semi natural habitat. These include but a few; Lion, Buffalo, Antelopes, Hippos, Snakes, Crocodile plus very many bird species. Taking photographs of your interest will be after paying for your camera entry and you shall walk along the various paths ending at beach side restaurants for refreshments .
Next we will head to the Botanical Gardens of Entebbe located on the shores of Lake Victoria but a sanctuary for many primates(monkeys), most fantastic tropical plants one can find, walk on the white sand beach.Having a variety of primates such as Baboons and monkeys, close to 20 bird species and butterflies, the sight of local fishermen throwing their nets on canoes, as well as the beautiful lake shore scenery you a guaranteed to have a peaceful morning in a relaxing place blown by the cool lake breeze.
You will then have lunch which will be served along the sandy beach under shade provided by the large palm trees under which you can order local Uganda or intercontinental dishes- grilled tilapia whole, pizza, some Indian dishes etc, all served with a refreshing cool drink. The grilled Uganda tilapia is a visitor`s favorite, try it!!
Finally we will head on to Uganda Reptile where you will pleasantly enjoy the views of various African Reptiles that are protected in the part of Uganda. Uganda Reptile Village whose main aim is to sensitize and educate the local community to protect and conserve different reptile species as well as other important environmental resources like forests as well as swamps and water bodies are playing great role of saving the unique natural resources which are under great threat from human behaviors.

You will come close to total of over 50 reptiles with twenty reptile spices which are on direct display in the site. The unique reptile’s species which are on display include the boomslangs, skinks, chameleons, cobras, monitor lizards and tortoises, Africa’s most poisonous snake – Gaboon Viper.
In the swamp area, you can enjoy adventurous activities like sport fishing as well as canoe cruising in the man-made river stream which is three kilometers. In addition, one can also undertake wet land walk to explore the areas around the Reptile Village and along the way tourists enjoy sights of different bird species as well as wildlife.